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Triphosphonitrilic Chloride, P3N3Cl6

Triphosphonitrilic Chloride, P3N3Cl6, forms large rhombic crystals of density 1-98. Its properties are typical of those found in the series. It is easily soluble in the usual organic solvents, also in glacial acetic acid and sulphuric acid, undergoing reaction with the latter. It also reacts with many organic compounds containing hydroxyl groups—alcohols, phenols, etc. Aniline when added to the benzene solution gave a dianilide, NP(NH.C6H5)2. Ammonia when passed into a solution of P3N3Cl6 in carbon tetrachloride gave needles of a chloroamide, possibly P3N3Cl4(NH2)2, which was insoluble in organic solvents. Liquid ammonia gave a white solid hexamide, P3N3(NH2)6. Hydrolysis proceeds when an ether solution is shaken with water, with production first of P3N3Cl4(OH)2, then of trimetaphosphimic acid, [NH(POOH)]3 and HCl, and finally ammonium phosphate.

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