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Tetrametaphosphimic Acid, P4N4H8O8

Tetrametaphosphimic Acid, P4N4H8O8, which was prepared by the hydrolysis of P4N4Cl8, may be regarded as constituted in a similar manner, forming an eight-membered ring. It crystallised in needles containing two molecules of water, P4N4H8O8.2H2O, and was only slightly soluble in water, still less so in acids. The solubility in 10 per cent, acetic acid was about 0.5 gram in 100 grams solvent.

This acid is more stable towards hydrolysing agents than the other metaphosphimic acids, and even resists the action of hot nitric acid and aqua regia. There are two series of salts derived from a di- and a tetra-basic acid respectively. Thus the dipotassium salt, K2H6P4N4O8, which forms prismatic crystals, on treatment with excess of potassium hydroxide gives the tetrapotassium salt, K4H4P4N4O8, which forms sparingly soluble tabular crystals. Ammonium and sodium salts have also been prepared. The tetra-argentic salt, Ag4H4P4N4O8, was formed as a white precipitate on mixing silver nitrate with the acid, and the octo-salt, Ag8P4N4O8, as a yellow precipitate from ammoniacal silver nitrate and ammonium tetraphosphimate.

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