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Metaphosphoryl Chloride, PO2Cl

Metaphosphoryl Chloride, PO2Cl, was prepared by heating P2O5 with POCl3 in a sealed tube at 200° C. for 36 hours, thus

P2O5 + POCl3 = 3PO2Cl2

and also by the slight hydrolysis of POCl3 in moist air. Being the least volatile of the chlorides of phosphoric acid it is found in the residues after the others have been fractionally distilled. It has been made in several other ways, including the regulated action of chlorine gas on phosphorous oxide:—

4Cl2 + P4O6 = 2POCl3 + 2PO2Cl

It is a syrupy liquid which decomposes into P2O5 and POCl3 when heated.

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