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Diamidophosphoric Acid, (NH2)2PO(OH)

Diamidophosphoric Acid, (NH2)2PO(OH), is capable of giving salts of a tribasic acid, such as (NH2)2P(OK)2(OAg). Silver salts have been prepared in which hydrogen of the amido-group is replaced by silver, yielding ultimately the dark brown explosive (NHAg)2 P(OAg)3.

The free acid was prepared by hydrolysing the compound (NH2)2PO(OC6H5) obtained from Cl2PO(OC6H5) and aqueous ammonia, thus

Cl2PO(OC6H5) → (NH2)2PO(OC6H5) → (NH2)2PO(OH) + C2H5OH

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